Two significant groupings of interviews are available.  The Elders’ Circle Video Tapes is a series of 26 recordings done with 24 Summerside seniors by Reg “Dutch” Thompson, whose chats with many Island seniors are available at   The videotapes were created in 1999-2001 as a component of the Summerside Millennium Project.  The Lowell Huestis Audio Tapes, numbering more close to 200, were donated to the History Centre in 2004 and capture the memories of many local residents.  Approximately 30% of them are available in digital format on


History comes alive through images.  The basis of the photograph collection came as a consequence of the research done by archivist Fred Horne while he was writing his book titled Historic Summerside 1900-1970, which was published by Nimbus in 2002 as part of its Images of Our Past Series.   Many other photographs have been added to the collection since that time, most of them being scanned from the originals retained by the owner.   The digital files are available for viewing in a thumbnail version on

Archival materials
The MacNaught History Centre archival collection is based on the vast amount of textual material that was moved from the Wyatt House shortly after the Wyatt Heritage Properties came into existence.  Another large collection that was deposited came from the Bishop Machine Shop.  Other materials have been donated by local organizations or individuals.

The staff of the Archives began working on fonds descriptions in the fall of 2001 with funding from the Canadian Archival Information Network.  A fonds, according to the Bureau of Canadian Archivists, is defined as “The whole of the documents, regardless of form or medium, automatically and organically created and/or accumulated and used by a particular individual, family, or corporate body in the course of that creator’s activities or functions.”

The fonds descriptions that have been completed are available on the website of the Archives Council of Prince Edward Island.