Culture Summerside has a number of on-line resources where you can peel back the many layers that form the history of the City ofSummerside. Please take the time to explore our Audio Clips on the Home Page, as well as links under Historic Summerside, Educational Resources and following:

Summerside Hospitality During World War II
In 1940 the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) established a school on farmland in North St. Eleanors on the outskirts of Summerside.  The story of the interaction between Air Force personnel and town residents is unique and at the same time similar to other BCATP sites.

The World War II Home Front in Summerside PEI
Are you interested in what life was like in a Canadian town during the years 1939-1945?  Take this opportunity to explore national Canadian themes as they played out in the local setting of Summerside PEI, and compare it to what happened in your hometown.

PEI Ancestry is a membership website comprised of a multitude of databases that give researchers a unique resource.  The material presented is predominately about Summerside and area but includes much of value to genealogists searching for ancestors from any part of PEI. 

Summerside’s Built Heritage Events & Activities

The city’s heritage houses represent the stylistic trends that prevailed at different stages in the community's development.  A walking tour through a residential area and another nearer the commercial district will introduce you to many of Summerside's historic buildings. Watch our Upcoming Events section for special events focusing on conservation of Summerside architecture.

Radio Dramas          

Several radio dramas were produced by Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. in 2011 as part of the annual Storytelling Festival.  The stories, complete with sound effects, are based on true accounts of Island history that listeners will find entertaining and educational. The Radio Dramas are accessible from the home page under Audio Clips.