Sixty Days of Fame: “Photography Plus” by Leona Arsenault, October 3rd

Leona Arsenault 1


Photographer Leona Arsenault of Wellington, takes every opportunity to capture the interactions that light has on her subjects. A prolific photographer and digital artist since 2005, her photographs have appeared in magazines, calendars, pamphlets, tourist guides, and many other venues including online advertising.

Arsenault says “Creating images is not only a visual experience, but a transference of moods, emotions and the willingness of the artist to share a deeper meaning of our existence in connection with one another.” She has the gift of magically highlighting the brightness and charm in her landscapes and scenic images. She often takes advantage of the peaceful solitude at dawn, taking photographs that surprises and inspires.  

Her impressionistic and digital art images utilize a style which does not seek to capture realism, but rather tries to convey energy, motion or an experience of the imagination in a unique and interesting fashion.  Sometimes she uses post processing to acquire a dreamy, painterly, almost elegant meditative effect, without the hard edges that can lead the eye to rest on unexpected details. By so doing Arsenault creates a mood that would otherwise be missed or an element of surprise and amusement that delights the viewer.  Recently, she has found yet another way to express her imagination through abstract acrylic paintings, where color, form and something magical appear on the canvas where words fail to explain the outcome.

“Photography Plus” will open at the MacNaught History Centre and Archives gallery, 75 Spring Street, Summerside, on Tuesday, October 3, come meet the artist, 6:30pm-8:00pm. The show will run through to the end of November. It can be viewed Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.


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