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Summerside Arts Festival 2019

“Refresh” Arts Project

— Celebrating the creative reuse of materials —


Artists seeking a reinvigorated project are invited to respond to Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc’s call for submissions to its Refresh project.Refresh is about creating a sculptural piece with recycled material scrounged, hoarded, bartered or gifted.  The work of art will be placed on display on downtown Water Street during the Summerside Arts Festival, July 22nd to 24th.

It is the second year Refresh will be part of the festival, which is about celebrating the City’s and Island’s artistic community.  The public was intrigued by the 2018 creations. Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. presents the festival through funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage. They are hoping the Refresh component of the festival will get an even bigger buzz going in 2019 about the many creative ways items need not end up in the landfill.  The City of Summerside is a leader in green technology so the Refresh project fits well on its main street. 

Interested in participating?

Visit https://www.wyattheritagepropertiesinc.com/




This project is being supported by the Government of Canada






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